Sunday, January 1, 2012


Outside of our hotel window in Barcelona

 Attempt #1 at the long-arm self-portrait

 Bench at Parque Guell, Barcelona- a park designed by Antoni Gaudi

Parque Guell

 Parque Guell

 La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Barcelona


 Notre Dame

 Inside Notre Dame- there was a mass going on while we walked around with the other 2,000 tourists. Crazy.

 The Lourve! So cool.

 For Krista

 Paris buildings

Such a fun, amazing trip! Europe has so many beautiful things to see and delicious food to eat. We can't wait to go back. Come with us!


  1. these are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! and yes, we will come with you next time. K?